Focused on expanding what already exists

 Our Story

At Diaspora Global Corporation we understand the impact of global buying power, We are culturally inspired, and economically attentive.

Who we are, is what we do. We are global, multicultural, and bold. We understand the culture. It is in us, it is our DNA.

We are a client-focused, collaborative content-driven, grass-root firm that works within the creative and general market space.

We understand that it takes a skilled team of market influencers, and collaborators to get the job done.

Our company was started out of a driven need by our clients to work with a result-oriented group of market influencers that could culturally relate and bring their product to market or their narrative to life.

We work in the field of Education, Culture, Health, and Media.

Diaspora Global's mission is to abstract core messages and products, then deliver them with

an impact on the global marketplace. We work to position products and messages for maximum delivery and sustainable success.

Each of our clients brings a unique experience, vision, product(s), desire, talent, and or artistic aptitude to the table. As a result, we craft the vision, and the message in a very strategically designed way to showcase our client’s organic talent, product(s,  and abilities.

We partner with our clients and follow their lead in the narrative. Representing and promoting them through the work of our in-house team and our outside network of industry associates.


We also collaborate with additional experts, talents, and creatives, as needed to get the job done.

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Mission Statement

Remain culturally conscious, serve, support, and inform.

Collaborate to expand capability and create synergy.

Deliver results every time.


   Sonia  M. Wignall         Ludlow E. Bailey



CEO/Co-Founder             Managing Director