Diaspora Global Branding & PPE Supplies

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Diaspora Global Branding team has over 18 years of experience. We are

buying experts and distributors in promotional products, PPE supplies, and apparel.

Our client base includes, corporate, non-profit and government.  We offer standard catalog products such as Masks, Medical Supplies, T-Shirts, Tech Gear, and everything in-between.


We can customize to expand your marketing capacity and manage the product sourcing and import process.  Let us be your PPE supplier and chain supply partners.

         www.diasporaglobalbranding.com  www.diasporaglobalhealth.com

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83% of customers who receive a promotional product are more likely to do business with the brand.  So… Buy it, Brand it, Give it.

Mission Statement

Remain culturally conscious, serve, support, and inform.

Collaborate to expand capability and create synergy.

Deliver results every time.


   Sonia  M. Wignall         Ludlow E. Bailey



CEO/Co-Founder             Managing Director