Hi, I am Sonia M. Wignall , Co-Founder,  and CEO of Diaspora Global Corporation.

We thank you for your support and participation in the  Educational Summits,, that we have been producing over the last few months.


The Summits are a series of educational projects that we have developed in response to the current "crisis" in education facing our children of color globally.

Although some children are flourishing under the current educational system, many other children are underserved and unsupported.

Consequently, these children are unprepared to meet the challenges in innovation, technology, spiritual influences, global economics, global market leadership, and parental responsibilities ahead of them.

We as parents, educators,  and stakeholders must shift gears, understand the educational crisis our children are facing and find innovative ways to teach, motivate, support, guide, and educationally engage, our children.


We must leverage the available resources, and mentor our children in ways that will help them to understand the global landscape and develop a system, both internal and external for sustainable success.

                           Summit 5, will be held in December 2020.

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Manuel Mendive, Cuban Artist
SONA Jobarteh
Nelson Mandela - Never Lose

            Cuban Artist, Manuel Mendive    Gambia Musician & Composer, Sona Jabarteh   South African President,  Nelson Mandela

     The Educational Summit Series

     In response to the educational gap & crisis facing children of the African Diaspora Globally

Mission Statement

Remain culturally conscious, serve, support, and inform.

Collaborate to expand capability and create synergy.

Deliver results every time.


   Sonia  M. Wignall         Ludlow E. Bailey



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